BACES Cross border seminar Hiiumaa, Estonia

The cooperation in BACES continues and the third cross-border seminar was hosted by Eurohouse and Foundations Tuuru in Kärdla, Estonia on 28-29 September.  The seminar gathered more than 30 participants from seven different coastal areas in Estonia, Finland and Sweden. During two days the participants discussed archipelago development and got to know the island Hiiumaa, second largest island in Estonia.

Deputy Governor mr Ermo Mäeots welcomed the guests and gave a short introduction to Hiiumaa.  The partners in BACES presented latest news from their development activities showcasing some of the experiences and progress made so far. A number of studies on how to develop the different BACES have been produced and local stakeholders involved in the ongoing development process for valuable input. In Hiiumaa a tourism development plan has been assembled. In Hanko and Raaseborg information signs are under development and a number of activities for local entrepreneurs arranged, in Söderhamn the development of environmental stations is ongoing. In Fyrudden an architect has made development proposal for the harbour area. In Lagnö a nature reserve has opened and in Arkösund and under water film project has been developed to show wrecks and nature under the surface.  
Study visits

For many of the participants this was the first visit to Hiiumaa and on the programme was study visits and excursion to get introduced to the island, its history and tourist sights. The group visited the Hill of Crosses, Kõpu Lighthouse, Ristna Nature Centre, the State Forest Management Centre, and Dale LD. AS, plastic company. Our inspiring guide from Hiiumaa gave the visitors interesting stories and facts about Hiiumaa. The first day was ended with a much appreciated and enjoyable dinner at Sõru Marine Centre including short presentation of Sõru harbor. On the agenda of the second day was working group meetings on the project themes Accessibility, Economy and Environment. The seminar programme was ended with interesting study visits to Soera Talumuuesum, Suuremõisa Castle and ended with a visit at Heltermaa harbor.

This interesting two day seminar was another opportunity for networking and exchange of experience and gave good picture of the preconditions and potential of Hiiumaa.

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