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The main objective of the BACES project is to develop seven BACES - Baltic Archipelago and Island Centres as drivers for sustainable development and growth, to test new models and methods to improve the pre-conditions for living, working and visiting in the archipelago area and to act as an eye-opener setting focus on the archipelago.  

BACES has raised the awareness among decision makers, raising the profile of the archipelago.  Plans and strategies for development have created a knowledgebase and been formulated into long-term visions paving the way for future actions and investments. 

The development of so called infocentres has improved how visitors and residents experience the archipelago, increasing the availability of information using new technology solutions. Awareness raising campaigns have contributed to a better understanding of the environmental values and importance of sustainable tourism through information materials and exhibitions. The project has been widely communicated involving a large number of stakeholders from the local community. 

As a result information has been put in focus resulting in a large number of publications, digital information, signs, audioguides, underwaterfilms and much more showcasing our fantastic BACES archipelago area. 
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Publications can be found on this website for download. For other sources of information go to:
General information about the 7 BACES including accessibility, available services, nature and recreation: 

Outdoorcameras on different locationsin the archipelago:

   - In Valdemarsvik 
  - In Raseborg: Ramsholmen / Jussarö
It is also possible to discover the archipelago under the surface, where underwater films are available a part of the awareness raising campaign.

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